Election Promises


This election promises to be the dirtiest, meanest, nastiest American presidential contest that ever happened in the country’s long troubled history.

The New York Times is running one of its patented, classical, political smear campaigns designed to knock out the Republican candidate or at least destroy his reputation and ability to run his personal business should he fail to take the White House.

Of course the Times can do this with almost total impunity because they have money, lots of money compliments of owners Sulzberger Family and Carlos Slim, world’s second richest man from Mexico.

Their latest pseudo sex scandal(s) broadcast daily 24/7 by the controlled mass media is pure propaganda and originates at the New York Times and they certainly are experts with this having served the likes of comrades Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin since the turn of the last century.

The New York Times fed ignorant, average, ordinary Americans amazing stories of how wonderful communism/socialism is meanwhile, denying the real truth about total state control, NKVD/KGB secret police atrocities, repression, loss of human rights, mega-mass murder, and the secret gulag system in the USSR.

My fake “paid political ad” video mashup tries to show what many Americans really think of the Democrat presidential candidate yet denied their chance to freely express  it in their controlled mass media.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PROMISES”.