H2O Holes

H2O holes through winter ice of the Centennial Park lake never freeze because water is constantly pumped.
In Montreal’s West Island H2O holes through Centennial Park lake winter ice never freeze up because it is constantly being pumped.

These H2O holes through winter ice of the Centennial Park lake in Montreal’s West Island never freeze up because it is constantly being pumped from bottom the man-made lake.

The H2O is the run-off from all across Dollard-des-Ormeaux that is collected in the street sewers and pumped out to aerate filling this lake with the water creating a habitat for waterfowl including several species of Ducks, Canada geese, Loons, Herons, and Seagulls.

During the summer the park and lake are also home to several species of blackbirds including the Redwings also Robbins, Sparrows, Chicadees, and Cardinals.

Grey Squirrels and black ones, Chipmunks, Woodchucks, Snowshoe Hares, and Red Foxes compose the mammals that find the park their home with the lake providing water for them.

The lake also is home for huge Carp and probably other fish, Crawdads, and even Turtles who pop their heads up when certain visitors illegally feed them with bread crumbs and Cheerios that is tossed out on water.

Despite signs indicating that it is illegal to feed all these critters which is punishable by fines people continue to break the town by-laws resulting sadly sometimes in death for the waterfowl failing to migrate south for the sometimes quite harsh Canadian winters.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”H2O”.

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