Border Of Eternity

American east coast teeters on border of eternity from possible one-two of Hurricane Matthew and Mark 15.
US east coast teeters on border of eternity Americans frantically protect homes and businesses from Hurricane Matthew meanwhile, a worse disaster  awaits its turn.

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The US east coast teeters on the border of eternity today as Americans worked frantically to protect homes and businesses just hours before Hurricane Matthew, originally a category 5, arrives with all its fury.

Authorities in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas issued mandatory evacuation orders for all residents in the probable affected areas to flee to minimize deaths feared from this awesome storm.

US television networks continue to show the path of this monster and where it may or not go before dying out, images of its destruction and statistics of lives taken are being updated continuously.

The foolish are warned again that they should not linger any longer if they have not escaped yet.

Residents in southeastern Georgia including Tybee Island and nearby Savannah worked frantically to protect homes and businesses  taking no chances after having previously experienced Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency to cover 30 counties and Georgians prepared to hunker down and wait out whatever comes their way from this massive 600 mile wide storm.

On February 5, 1958 Tybee Island experienced another potential disaster when a US B-47 strategic bomber lost a 7,600-pound (3,400 kg) Mark 15 thermo-nuclear bomb as the result of a mid-air collision between it and an F86 jet fighter that device remains buried deep in the coastal sands of this island today.

As Matthew approaches its high winds and stories high storm surge waves are about to severely batter the coast churning the coastal sands dredging up all sorts of things perhaps, awaken that device lurking near Tybee Island.

It would create the nightmare of all nightmares should it detonate its plutonium nuclear core when disturbed.

Since that accident uncertainty has lingered whether this device was live, armed, ready to go off .

Some have suggested that it didn’t explode already because of all the built-in failsafe devices although one story suggests that only one such device remained preventing the inevitable to happen when the  detonation sequence had already begun.

This 3.8mt(3.8 mega-ton) bomb remains out there however, nobody knows exactly where it is despite several attempts by the Department of Energy, US Air Force, and US Navy to locate and dispose of it safely.

Back in 2004, a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel named Derek Duke claimed he finally located it on his own however, what finally was found was just monazite, a locally occurring sand that is naturally radioactive.

A Hydrogen bomb detonation would create a massive 1.2 mile fireball blast emitting thermal radiation so hot that people near the center of the blast simply ‘vanish’ meanwhile, it would cause third degree burns to other humans ten times the distance away.

My pictures depict a distant nuclear detonation flash and two very recent Weather Channel prediction charts showing Hurricane Matthew’s probable path.

This my scary..oops, contribution for WP single word prompt:”BORDER”.