Canadian taxpayers to realize new Champlain Bridge for a mere $4,000,000,000 dollars.
In 2018 Canadians to realize new infrastructure called the new Champlain Bridge for a mere $4,000,000,000 dollars of their hard-earned money.

In 2018 Montrealers to realize some new (perhaps “sustained”) infrastructure called the new Champlain Bridge after Canadian taxpayers spend a colossal pile of money.

That this had to happen just proves shoddy work on the original one built in 1950’s while another bridge, the Victoria, remains in excellent shape after over a century.

Pictured is a partial view of construction going on next to the original Champlain Bridge, I took this picture from a moving minivan’s open side door window while a passenger on our way into Montreal seen in the foreground.

The Victoria, originally a railroad bridge later converted to supporting both rail and vehicular traffic opened in August 25, 1860 for the Canadian National Railway was named the Victoria Jubilee Bridge.

The bridge is a Canadian historic site being the first to span the St. Lawrence River joining Montreal with south shore Saint Lambert and it cost $6,600,000 to construct.

The Champlain bridge started in 1957 opened on June 28, 1962 at a cost of $52,000,000 and it will be torn down when the new one presently being built is completed costing taxpayers a mere $4,000,000,000 dollars and change hopefully it lasts longer than 56 years!

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