Golden Square Mile Facade

This Golden Square Mile building facade is in Montreal downtown area associated with "old money" rich tycoons.
This Golden Square Mile facade of luxury building  is in downtown Montreal  area associated with the “old money” rich.

This Golden Square Mile facade of luxury building is in downtown Montreal area associated with the “old money” rich.

The “Golden Square Mile” symbolized luxury right in the heart of downtown Montreal where the city’s famed very rich once lived and some still do.

It is a grey-stone that has been well maintained, upgraded, and modernized while retaining its original classic, iconic appearance it is comfort personified for those who can appreciate the wonderful blending of heritage architecture with modern easy living.

As my picture shows the building is in immaculate shape very attractive and appealing beckoning passersby to visit it is however, a private residence, which just happened to be available for a little less than CDN$4,000,000 according its listing on Google.

I took this picture some time ago because I love architecture especially some of the old stuff downtown and found the place a very attractive grey-stone.

I love those two big vases with pink flowers near that massive old style oak wood door nestled between those two “Gas Towne” type outdoor lantern lights and topped by that half-circular glass under the classic grey-stone arch.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FACADE”.