Stylish Cakes

Stylish cakes behind the glass beckoned me silently to stop and buy them.
Stylish cakes of all sorts abound behind the glass each one conforming to somebody’s particular, desired taste.

Stylish cakes of all sorts abound each one deliciously designed for somebody’s particular, desired taste await patiently behind the glass for the right customer.

I was just passing through, walking the main aisle inside a mini shopping center in Montreal’s West Island when suddenly, I was in a sort of trance making me stop and view these wonderful cakes patiently waiting for me behind that glass counter.

It was as if they were silently calling my name just like sirenes/mermaids in ancient Greek times beckoned sailors, to stop and buy some fortunately, I mustered up enough will power to resist this time.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”STYLISH”.