Holiday Hike


Sometimes a holiday hike is needed to break the technology zombie spell controlling today’s industry workers’ daily lives.

Each day the average ordinary worker gets up early has breakfast then fights heavy traffic to get to the office and sit mesmerized all day in front of their all-powerful computers.

They watch their LCD screens as streams of data dance along flashing periodically to indicate some change that has happened requiring action from them. The  office worker whose trance suddenly breaks  reacts frantically fingering with his keyboard to extract the required data for further processing.

After slaving away for weeks and weeks on end with tiny breaks in between given during the year a vacation is finally offered them to refresh their brain circuitry.

My short Hollywood video mashup depicts a unique holiday hike  somewhere into  South America and the very interesting return heck, in retrospect it might have been easier to just stay home, relax and have a beer!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HIKE”.