Mostly Perplexed


We were mostly perplexed to see a Seadoo watercraft carrying two people tearing across the rapids in what we assumed was a verboten area of Lake of Two Mountains part of the mighty Saint Lawrence River.
While my friend and I were  sitting relaxed in our Cape Cod wooden chairs on the Baie d’Urfe municipal wharf one late Sunday afternoon admiring the fast water flowing past the rapids we heard the sound of an outboard motor racing full throttle screaming mixed with the flap-flap-flap of the watercraft bouncing around smacking the water surface.

I stood up to watch the small craft zip by the rapids section onto calmer waters amazed that nothing happened to it knowing that out there submerged rocks lurked which would easily smash that speedy Seadoo throwing  both the operator and his girlfriend into the fast waters causing an emergency.

As my pictures show everything turned out OK this time however, what about the next?

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PERPLEXED”.