Definitely Open-Minded

Definitely open-minded Hillary Clinton and team destroyed thousands of "personal" Emails hiding incriminating evidence.
Definitely open-minded Hillary Clinton and team “sanitized” thirty thousand alleged “personal” Emails attempting  to disappear all incriminating evidence.

Definitely open-minded Hillary Clinton, her aids, and legal team hoped “sanitizing” an alleged thirty thousand “personal” E-mails wouldn’t leave a money trail if they used BleachBit, an open-source tool, instead of some expensive paid-for proprietary “scrubbing” software for their clandestine operation.

What she and her team hoped was ridding any and all incriminating evidence before her running in the US presidential elections.

They certainly wiped the data clean,  so thoroughly scrubbed that “even God can’t read them” however, Americans found out about the cover up because of a leak to media, the worst since the Nixon tapes.

What is more disturbing about it all, is that nobody from the FBI contacted Andrew Ziem, the creator of BleachBit, at any point during a year-long investigation into Clinton’s private email use, despite FBI agents knowing that Clinton downloaded the software to hide her Email destruction.

Mr. Ziem also revealed during a FOX Business Network interview that despite the emails permanently deleted from Clinton’s server (computer) they may still be found on third-party servers from which they can be retrieved by a diligent, resourceful, investigation team.

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