All Eyes

Most all eyes were on West Trainz act when tall, gorgeous, princess came and waved her hand majestically.
Most, all eyes were on West Trainz act in the background, when the tall, gorgeous, princess came waving her hand majestically at me.

All eyes..well most of them, concentrated on the West Trainz “train” act going on just when this tall, gorgeous, princess passed by waving her hand wishing all her loyal subjects a wonderful day at the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

As my picture shows the princess, a young woman busker on stilts, in regal colours of white and violet-purple satin dress with a matching colors head garland, long gloves, and necklace stopped momentarily allowing me to take her picture.

As all regals, or royalty do, she majestically waved at me meanwhile, in the background, the WestTrainz five-member troupe blasted away with their exciting, unique, music and entertained their growing crowd of fans,  mostly tourists in town for the Jazz Festival.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EYES”.