Rare Coon Tune

Playing tune wearing a 'coon' hat is rare in hot July delighting fans at Place Heineken.

Playing tune wearing a ‘coon’ hat is rare especially on a hot, sunny, July day delighting appreciative, cheering fans.

Playing tune wearing a ‘coon’ hat is rare especially on a hot sunny day in July however, this trumpet player wearing bright red plastic sunglasses delighted the Place Heineken (Beer Tent) bringing cheers from the appreciative crowd while doing a brief solo.

The 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival is now history however, memories of that event continue and my pictures taken remind me of the fun that I had enjoying great music and meeting wonderful people.

This picture of that musician in his distinct racoon “Davy Crockett” hat certainly brings a chuckle although his band, the Gruv’n Brass, certainly played some groovy music.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”RARE”.

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