Affordable Luxury

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Real affordable luxury is as easy as your local car dealer where you will find the modern technology and innovation that ensures your investment for at least six long years.

Featured are two products of 21st century American car industry perfect examples of the marriage of exquisite styling, modern body design, and advanced technology evolving from a myriad of improvements in materials, manufacturing methods, mechanics, metallurgy, cyber-electronics etc.

Today’s modern American luxury cars like Cadillac or Lincoln come with features that seemed impossible a generation or two ago, these cars almost drive themselves while providing extreme creature comfort and excellent security par none.

The Ford Lincoln MKZ and the General Motors Cadillac CT6 described here are outstanding machines with features that are perhaps, beyond the comprehensive ability and real appreciation of their future owner-drivers however, they are money well spent..err, invested!

By-the-way, some of you may ask how much do these cars go for, a very legitimate question however, if you have to ask then you really can’t afford this level of luxury!

Much appreciation and thanks goes to the dealerships and staff of West Island Ford-Lincoln and West Island GM-Cadillac for their cooperation in making this post possible.

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