Carry On Regardless


To carry on regardless of the final outcome is something we hate placed on our shoulders however, sometimes life situations force us to do what we must do.

My video mashup combines Hollywood virtual world with the real, and it also shows a possible future humans have faced since that first nuclear blast at Trinity Site , New Mexico, USA.

We witnessed Japan nuked twice, survived the so-called “cold war” only to be re-introduced to another, although still officially undeclared, with the regime of the new amoral, evil, merciless, Russian strongman and his cult-of-personality gang of rich oligarchs.

These evil ruthless men are bent on enriching selves even more by expanding Russian territory usurping their peaceful neighbors land through wanton slaughtering of innocent people. They will keep doing this until stopped by their own deaths or nuclear war.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CARRY”.

3 thoughts on “Carry On Regardless

    1. Most of us saw the movies used in my mashup, and real Apollo 13 had a very happy ending with the three American astronauts surviving certain death. As for Dr. Strangelove, I don’t agree. They should never redo it as they have with the recent string of former Hollywood classics most of which ended up disasters. There will never be another Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, or any of the other greats that made that movie a success. Thank you for watching I appreciate your comment.

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