War Obsessed


The war obsessed Hollywood characters depicted are propaganda machine brainwash to facilitate military industrial complex controllers’ war profits from American lives. It is what the late president Eisenhower called the US “military-industrial complex” to brainwash Americans for war.

That same machine continues manipulating ordinary people’s minds for today’s military industrial complex controllers because after all it’s the largest cash cow ever devised and Hollywood is its creative audio-visual arm.

Hollywood ensures its survival being part of the establishment helping the “right candidate” into the White House meanwhile, commercial interests are also maintained. They help their wealthy clients get a place at the public trough. It’s win-win situation everybody gets their share of “free” tax money.

Talking about obsession, these guys take first prize for what they crave(power and tax money).

Allegedly, the US defense budget reached 3/4 of a trillion dollars(USD$750,000,000,000) during the Bush administration augmented each year by about USD$70,000,000,000 just to maintain the armed forces and some 735 bases worldwide alone. Heck, first Vietnam and most recently 9-11 showed war can be privatized very profitably!

My video mashup provides a mere glimpse at how it was done although our modern dose of propaganda poison is even more sophisticated. Propaganda is not a new thing it already started way back during WWI used by the governments only then, it was mostly printed media with bit of radio and B/W film.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”OBSESSED”.