Profound Expression

Depicted is a profound expression or post-millennial generation "footprint" found almost everywhere.
This profound expression or “footprint” of our post-millennial generation  found at its favorite haunts  everywhere.

Depicted is a profound expression or “footprint” of our allegedly heath conscious, mostly unhealthy, throw away, “fast food”, post-millennial generation found almost everywhere you look.

Shown is litter that includes small containers from sweet flavored yogurt, a half-eaten apple and what looks like the tops of eaten strawberries and their semi-clear plastic containers.

Some peels from what looks like an eaten plum and red and light green plastic sticks fill those previously mentioned empty, sweet, flavored yogurt containers stacked together.

Next to that stack, is an empty small size MacDonalds CocaCola ‘soft’ drink container complete with its clear plastic top and plastic straw.

Next to that, is another stack, with that half-eaten apple and the strawberry remains.

Rounding out things, standing tall on our right side, is an empty, one-liter Eska brand, clear plastic container topped with its dark-blue stopper. It is next to the apple-strawberry remains stack.

The whole mess including a small morsel of strawberry remains, rests on top of a wornout dark-green 5/8 inch plywood surface of perhaps some sort of home-made table.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PROFOUND”.