Crispy Soft Flaky Surface

Crispy soft flaky on surface with delicious apple or berry inside these "Linzer Tarts" can be irresistible.
Their crispy soft flaky surface makes “Linzer Tarts” wonderfully delightful to bite into especially when with some coffee or tea.

The crispy soft flaky surface is light to medium brown with discernible, almost sweet butterlike taste that crumbles and collapses when light teeth pressure is applied afterwards, there is a sweet taste of cooked fruit of the subsurface or inside of the triangular pastry module.

These “Linzer Tarts” or what some would call apple, cherry, or blueberry turnovers are a real delight anytime particularly when accompanied with a nice up of fine coffee or tea.

My visit to Ottawa’s Bayward Market yesterday allowed me to discover this window display.

Viewing  the goodies available brought me to these very tempting guys that gave me much trouble resisting them fortunately, what saved me was my wonderful lunch earlier topped with a nice serving of cool, yummy, ice-cream just perfect for this extraordinarily hot day.

This window display certainly makes excellent advertizing for the “Aux Delices” Bakery & Pastry Shop because visitors and passersby can’t resist taking that fatal view of some of the wonderful, delicious goodies available in this shop heck, I almost succumbed to my cravings!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SURFACE”

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    1. You probably can make an order and get it delivered by FedEx or similar however, you have to contact that “Au Delices” pastry shop to satisfy your craving hmmm. Your welcome!

      Heck, you gotta do what you gotta do!

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