Narrow Microwave Communication Panels

Narrow microwave communication panels and cameras on rooftop in Montreal's Chartier des Spectacles.

Narrow microwave communication panels and two surveillance cameras populate this building rooftop.

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Narrow microwave communication panels populate building rooftop along with two surveillance camera pods overlook Montreal’s Chartier-des-Spectacles festival site.

These Narrow white microwave communication panels on top of this building overlooking the Chartier-des-Spectacles, Montreal’s festivals site, almost fit exactly into one of the windows on the top floor of this old building.

The building is an unusual one probably of “heritage” genre that sports a variety of window sizes, the top floor has two types and the floors below it are all one size type.

Microwave communication panels straddle one set of three narrow windows near the building corner however, these are narrower panels compared with those on the roof top.

Never mind the arrays of microwave panels that populate this building’s rooftop, there are also those two surveillance camera pods overhanging like large size tear drops straddling the square corner of this interesting building.

Some of the window blinds inside this building on the top floor appear pulled open perhaps because more hidden surveillance cameras lurk in the shadows..hmmm!

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”NARROW”.

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