Clan Feud Crisis


A clan feud crisis in Beverly Hills erupts after Sonny Drysdale skips town before wedding Elie May Clampett, something considered a capital offense amongst mountain folks.

Sonny does Elie May wrong standing her up before getting to the church for their wedding after he and all the Clampetts already had that pre-wedding dance. Everyone got all dressed up in their best clothes believing a church wedding was in the works.

This is considered a capital offense in the hills of Tennessee and mountain folks Jed, Granny, and the young ones Elie May and Jethro want revenge after hearing Sonny skipped out to Yale in Boston with Mrs. Drysdale, his mother.

This is a crisis on a grand scale because someone is bound to get winged by ole sharpshooter Granny leading the charge against the assumed Yankee interlopers, the Drysdales.  Hot lead has already begun flying when Mr. Drysdale, the banker, arrives at the gate to the Clampett estate and more will if this feud is not settled soon.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CRISIS”.