Musical Clockwork

The 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival functioned like some musical clockwork.
The 2016 Montreal Jazz Festival schedule was musical clockwork and had international musicians on stage precisely at prescribed hour.

The 2016 Montreal international Jazz Festival functioned like some musical clockwork, gigs done precisely at prescribed hour each day.

Various international musicians “artists”, started their gig for the night at their designated hour “Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen” started precisely at 8PM. My picture depicts a stationary clock showing 8PM as when the next show(spectacle) starts and above it who will play.

Everyday, about noon, all sorts of entertainment happened at the festival site however, it was after supper some times at 7PM, although the main popular shows for on the big outdoor stages began at 8PM like Jon Cleary’s. These shows attended by huge crowds were the free ones, others done indoors you had to pay for.

My mashup video comprises of clips from three Cleary songs and gives you a taste of how it was that Wednesday night, June 29, 2016, hope you enjoy it.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CLOCK”.