Punishment Executed

Punishment executed following court-martial against ordinary citizens, rebels against British Imperial colonial rule.
Punishment executed following court-martial against ordinary citizens, Quebecers, rebels against Imperial British colonial rule abuses.

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Punishment executed following a court-martial session however, these were not against military personnel instead against ordinary citizens, Quebecers, who rebelled against the order imposed by the imperial British colonial government of the time.

Almost buried in time this large obelisk stands alone overlooking a small hillside tucked in corner of the huge Notre Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery encompassing the west side of Mount Royal Park in Montreal. The monument honors some of the “Les Patriots” rebels, who were either hanged or shot by firing squad and others exiled to Australia, then a British penal colony.

Although most of the names are francophone there are also Anglos including English, Irish, Scottish etc., who rebelled against the crown for a similar reason Americans did, taxation without representation, corruption, and abuse of power et al. It’s fascinating Canadian story worth checking out heck, our cousins the Americans are not the only ones who have an interesting history full of scoundrels and heroes.

I came across this monument a few months ago when visiting the cemetery to see the graves of members of my family and also friends buried here.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PUNISHMENT”.