Delta Fly Nightmare

Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare solved by clever, easy, and inexpensive method.
Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare solved by clever and easy method when costly commercial solutions fail.

Deltafly Nightmare 2
Delta fly (deer fly) nightmare happening out in countryside solved by clever and easy method while multitude of costly commercial solutions fail.

Pictured is the nightmare for these persistent pests that seem to increase when the weather outside appears to favor rain as was the case this weekend.

These nasty bugs are a health hazard because they are known to carry certain harmful bacteria which they transmit biting to humans.

Since these flying bugs’ modus operante is to almost continuously buzz in circles around their intended prey, any warm-blooded animal or human will do after which they attempt to jump on board to get blood. The most favored likely area is the head and they love the ears, an easy target with nice supply of blood.

Once they find their spot to feed unnoticed and unopposed by the victim they gorge themselves on the blood however, landing on the flypaper ends their brief career in bloodsucking when they end up caught up in sticky slime struggling to death extracting themselves.

By-the-way, the last score count was 57 – 0 in favor for the flypaper and no delta fly survivors!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”NIGHTMARE”.