Small Details

Small details like clear plastic water bottles never ever biodegrade and 90% are in landfill.
Small details like clear plastic bottled water containers littering our cities are potential future life threat.

Small details like disposable, clear plastic bottled water containers littering our cities, roadsides, and even our lakes and rivers are a potential future life threat.

As my picture shows these plastic bottles and plastic glasses, various fast food containers, and aluminium cans and pie plates are already overwhelming city waste containers ending up on the sidewalks and streets. This  is a small detail I noticed while walking to the subway after attending the recent 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

By-the-way, regardless of the recycling infrastructure that exists facilitating recycling according to the Container Recycling Institute, almost 90% of these plastic water bottles used in the USA end up in landfills.  According the figures available, which are obsolete already, approximately 19,000,000,000 bottles disposed this way take 700 years to disintegrate.

According to National Geographic estimates, the energy required their manufacture, transport and disposal amounts to approximately 18 million barrels of oil that could power over 100,000 cars for an entire year in the USA.

These bottles are also non-renewable, made from oil and never ever biodegrade in fact, every piece of this plastic ever made still exists probably in another plastic product or is in a landfill leaching Bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and even dangerous microbial contaminants into our ground water.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”DETAILS”.

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