Look Up There


Look up there..see it’s a drone flying over the site someone pointed it out the quickly moving small dark object in the darkening east sky. It took me a few seconds to react finally spotting it to zoom in with my small digital video camera.

I momentarily captured the drone’s flight however, who was controlling it wasn’t going to waste time hanging around much longer because they knew it was illegal unless they got permission and I’m guessing they didn’t. They however, probably got some interesting footage of the  show and the crowd listening to the band on the Bell stage before quickly scooting back down.

The perps probably were on  Montreal’s famous Main(Saint Lawrence boulevard) near Ontario Street just outside the sealed off the International Jazz Festival site.

Today, every time I looked up I saw something interesting heck, just raising my head while heading home I captured a bit of Brandi Carlile’s show on the Rio Tinto stage. It was Friday July 8, 2016 and tomorrow Saturday July 9th, it was all over for the festival and its great music.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”LOOK UP”.

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