Master Of Darkness

The master of darkness appears while she sleeps then his fangs pierce her nice soft neck to suck warm red blood, she awakes screaming uncontrollably.

Originally, Klaus Günter Karl Nakszynski as Nosterafu, was the master of darkness however, Hollywood soon retooled with a new improved vampire starting Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. Lee arrived as a bat or a puff of smoke, like in my mashup, in the young maiden’s bedroom to stick his fangs in her neck.

Lee always had a nemesis, Peter Cushing, as the good guy professor or doctor, that feverishly worked to drive a wooden stake through the vampire’s heart while he slept in his crypt.

My video mashup includes both masters of darkness doing their bloodsucking of vulnerable young women who scream loudly yet nobody hears them. Each one ends up increasing the ranks of the undead putting another strain on the world’s blood supply.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”DARKNESS”.