Sky Burning

The sky burning from multiple fireworks exploding produced an immense amount of smoke.
The sky burning above Canada Day site from multiple fireworks exploding bathed all an orange color.

Sky Burning 2

Sky Burning 3
The sky burning above the Canada Day celebrations site from multiple fireworks exploding produced an immense amount of smoke  in the air meanwhile bathing spectators an orange color.

Just moments earlier white-hot multicolored lights burned bathing both the Canada Day celebrations entertainment troupe and the multitudes of excited people nearby almost blanching out the top half most of those on the stage.

The pretty young women performers flailed their arms in synch to the music their arms appearing a blur as my picture shows meanwhile, the singers belted out their song. This part of the celebrations show was ending and everyone anxiously awaited the awesome fireworks that were coming immediately after.

As you can see the rockets were blowing up next to each other in the sky igniting a part of the dark night (momentary intense light) that had just begun painting all spectators watching orange in color.

Something else my pictures show is the immense amount of smoke generated by the fireworks going off that we normally are not even aware of instead intently waiting for the next burst (like perhaps picture 3) that will light up the darkness.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BURN”.

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    1. Canada Day is Canada’s national holiday, it’s like what 4th of July is for Americans. Canadians celebrate our freedom and all God has bestowed on our wonderful country on July 1st each year!

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