Beer Attuned Listening Pleasure

Today, beer attuned listening pleasure is assured when visiting downtown Montreal as the 2016 International Jazz Festival really gets into gear.

This is easily possible because beer kiosks abound on the site complimented by more than adequate numbers of bars, brazzeries, and restaurants with a liquor license. Apparently, booze does accentuate listening or was that the other way around hmm, according to a very recent article I came across on the Internet heck, as we all know the Internet never, ever tells lies..right?

I had the opportunity to visit the festival site Wednesday afternoon and heard some great jazz music and also took some pictures and a bit of video. Since the whole thing was just starting and the weather was a bit uncertain the shows were a bit sparse before seven however, things really came alive after eight that night.

My video includes a few street busker shows as well as free stage stuff that I witnessed last Wednesday.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PLEASURE”.