Street Curb Water

Filth polluted, stagnant street curb water is pigeon's favorite drink.
Stagnant street curb water polluted with miscellaneous filth is pigeon’s favorite drink.

Stagnant street curb water polluted with nicotine, hydro-carbon toxins from the asphalt and car engine oils, other filth like bacteria and viruses, is this pigeon’s favorite drink.

Fresh clean water is the essence of all life however, what can you tell this birdbrain who is about to take a swig of this “witches’ brew” apparently, it must do no harm to him.

Perhaps, he’s addicted to the stuff, leaching tobacco juices and hydro-carbons are his cup of tea, and he’s satisfied to get his fix from that pool of dirty, filthy, street curb water heck, he looks healthy and happy.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”WATER”.

3 thoughts on “Street Curb Water

  1. McPidgeons Haiku

    seems appropriate
    diseased pigeons scoffing crumbs
    outside McDonalds

    your post reminded me of this which I wrote in February. Hope you don’t mind me adding it here. Seemed to fit nicely with yours. Pigeons have cast-iron constitutions and appear to have adapted well to our filthy world. Makes me wonder what would happen to all the ‘vermin’ if we cleaned up our little planet.
    (words ©Colin Hill 2016)

    1. Actually, McDonalds happens to have an outlet in the huge Alexis Nihon complexe near where our pigeon was having his cocktail!

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