Bubble Catching Partners

Two bubble catching partners busy capturing bubble production.
These bubble catching partners are so engaged capturing bubbles they are oblivious of anything else.

These bubble catching partners are so engaged in trying to capture as many bubbles as they possibly can oblivious of what’s going around them.

The little girl on the left dressed in a medium-dark blue dress is busy making the bubbles with her fancy bubble making wand while her two companions are busy catching her bubble production.

I took this picture of the three partners while strolling around the day before the annual Saint Jean Baptiste (Saint John the Baptist) celebrations happening on  June 24, 2016 on the street opposite local city hall.  All  Quebec municipalities celebrate it each year.

Officially, the feast day of Saint Jean Baptiste is now called “La Fete Nationale” in the French Canadian province of Quebec.

The grounds (blocked off street) packed with young families and children enjoying all sorts of fun things, loud music including a three-man band, and fast food goodies available from three food trucks. It all ended after 10PM with a loud fireworks display which everyone enjoyed uttering oohs, aaahhs, and wow!

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”PARTNERS”.

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