Awesome Viper

Awesome Dodge Viper GT, fastest street-legal muscle sports car, at recent Montreal Grand Prix weekend.
Awesome Dodge Viper GT at recent Montreal Grand Prix weekend delivering 645 horsepower and more
torque than its famous international competitors.

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The awesome Viper GT presented itself well at the recent Montreal Grand Prix weekend on Crescent Street.

This American designed and manufactured muscle sports car competes with some of the most famous international names in the business such as Alpha Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche to name a few, all present at this event.

The Dodge Viper GT at $117,995 is an equal with its competition regarding who can afford to own and drive it because this is not chicken feed for us ordinary hardworking citizens.

2016 marks 25 years of existence, its final one, although you still have a chance to get one from your Dodge dealership including the fifth special edition model however, this is all time limited and they are going fast.

The Dodge Viper is a handcrafted 8.4L V10 with the short-shifting TREMEC® 6-speed manual transmission sports car delivering 645 horsepower and more torque than any other in its class with top speed of 332km/h or 206mph leaving its competition awestruck.

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