Terminative Struggle


A terminative struggle happens when an advanced killing machine arrives from the future seeking out Sarah Connor,  saviour of our human race after the horrific nuclear war happening in the year 2040.

This video is  a mashup of the original “Terminator” movie starring Arnold Schwarznegger dealing with a very scary future where humans are hunted down by AI machines ruling the Earth. The film was a huge Hollywood box office success because of all its wanton futuristic violence. Most of those who saw it however, just dismissed it as plain old sci-fi entertainment like Star Trek or Star Wars.

As of June 2016 some of us are thinking differently now because of certain events, mostly secret, that are happening around our world and are mostly suppressed by our mass media.

The Bilderberg meeting in Dresden is something that should not go unnoticed because of what plans they have for humanity. An extremely wealthy and evil international elite cult along with their handpicked lap-dogs, certain politicians, military generals, bankers, and scientists are up to no good otherwise why all the damn secrecy.

Scientists attending are those involved in Human Genome sequencing, DNA, viruses, advanced AI logarithms, robotics, advanced manufacturing techniques employing 3D printing, plasma and laser, and nano-technology just to name a few of the myriad of interests. Some of the top minds included at this secret meet will provide their masters-funders updates on advanced research in their specialized expertise for this exclusive club.

It is also interesting to note that this exclusive club employed more than 400 visible, heavily armed German police in Germany, a country where ordinary folks are totally disarmed posing almost zero capability to harm the visitors. Compare this to the situation here in North America where arms are available however, not as readily as our mass media and our politicians claim continuously.

Everyday, 24/7/365, their propaganda lies to us regarding how better we would live if guns were registered and restricted, meaning confiscated. They exploit every tragedy to boost the campaign to “save” us if only we would disarm. They would be happy if only members of the cult along with their police and military have guns making it easier to control us.

Meanwhile, that cult continues to plan war whose ultimate goal is their obscene profits made from a very docile, dumbed down subservient human race culled  to what they consider acceptable numbers.

Nuclear war is probable because it is so convenient to start however, there is just a little more planning to do to ensure their own security and very comfortable survival with their new best friends, the AI machines.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”STRUGGLE”.