Rebuilding Custom Work

Rebuilding custom work for university student built racecar may be impossible.
Rebuilding custom work for university designed and built miniature racecar may be impossible.

rebuilding custom work 2
Rebuilding custom work involved in this university student designed and built miniature racecar is not easy perhaps, almost impossible because many of its parts are unavailable off-the-shelf and are one of a kind.

Our Concordia University racer took hundreds of hours to design and build and they continue to refine it, creating new parts of it. Further changes would involve more budget to either buy some of-the-shelf stuff or make custom components however, time is also a reason in any further tinkering with it.

This custom racecar has travelled with its engineering student builders to a number of international competitions finishing very respectfully within the top ranks in all of them although never winning a championship yet.

I took my pictures while attending the Grand Prix festivities happening before last Sunday’s Montreal Grand Prix race and was very impressed what these Concordia engineering students created.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”REBUILDING”.