Vigilant Simplicity

Vigilant simplicity depicted by security camera blended unnoticed by busy traffic.
Vigilant simplicity that is inherent depicted by security camera blended unnoticed by busy traffic below.

Vigilant simplicity that is inherent depicted by this security camera perched over and trained on where both Saint Catherine and Crescent streets cross.

Surrounded by magnificent complex architectural designs, it sort of blends in mostly unnoticed by the busy traffic below quietly doing its secret surveillance.

At the moment, Crescent overcrowded with hundreds of excited Grand Prix fans from all over the world enjoying their fantasy surroundings. They are gawking at beautiful women populating the various kiosks on the street and the busy bars lining the length of the street as well as listening to the heavy disco beat emanating from the special main stage in competition with the bar music.

Many are checking out all the fancy, expensive cars and related gear, trying the virtual reality car race games, or sampling the freebie munchies and drinks including samples of some new imported beers served by lovely young women at their company kiosks.

Back near the special main stage groups of punkers dance in step with the disco rhythms emanating through the giant speakers while police patrols lurk nearby looking out for any trouble.

Meanwhile, the devils, one huge green one with red horns and a wide toothy smile and his beautiful associate devilettes, mingle in the crowds handing out ads to the upcoming Montreal comedy fest.

While doing his rounds, Mr. Devil almost  runs into Mr. or is that Ms. Giant Lipstick who just finished entertaining a youngster with his race fan dad.

Meanwhile, back at the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack racing teams are preparing and doing practice runs in preparation to Sunday’s Grand Prix de Montreal race.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SIMPLICITY”.