Aventura Mundi Dei


Aventura Mundi Dei (God’s Cosmic Adventure), is a Hollywood sci-fi movie teasers mashup put together by a god,  heck he even does the intro.

This video depicts Hollywood’s obsession with visitors from space or another dimension beyond ours.

The theme always is that these aliens want to destroy our world and mankind. All types of strange monsters lurk in space awaiting their turn to harm us and we are helpless, there is nothing we can do about it. Our ever evolving technology including our sophisticated nuclear arsenal is useless against them.

Hollywood even calls in those famous “men in black” as our last resort yet cannot stop all those evil ugly monsters..oops, no offense to the monster population for that monsterphobic more correctly referred to as “tetraphobic” remark..sorry!

There are just too many monsters out there and not enough of our super heroes, overwhelmed by the aliens/monsters therefore, there is only one thing we can do in a situation as dire as this,  give warning.

“Fellow humans be warned that aliens/monsters from space are coming and will search you out therefore, run for your lives heck, it may already be too late to hide. Notice for example, how our governments have systematically modified our liberties in tandem with Hollywood and mass-media waging their ceaseless fear mongering campaign!”

This is my contribution for #DiscoverWP photography challenge:”ADVENTURE”.