Epitome Of Modern Advancement

An epitome of modern advancement the FARO EDGE SCANARM is miracle twenty-first century technology.
An epitome of modern advancement, the combined laser scanner/probe-contact measurement system is miracle technology.

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An epitome of modern advancement, the combined laser scanner/probe contact measurement system is miracle twenty-first century technology.

The moment I saw the FARO EDGE SCANARM I knew that this was something extraordinary heck it looked like something out of Star Wars.

I had just witnessed another FARO advanced measurement product, the FARO LASER TRACKER, perform its AI robot tracking of a tiny ball(orb) held in hand of a company engineer. He claimed that this machine with its laser is extremely accurate, up to 0.0006 of an inch. The engineer demonstrated how the machine actually located and then followed an orb that he was holding.

I witnessed this happen noticing that  no matter which way the engineer turned while holding the orb, the machine continued to track it meanwhile,  precise measurement data was  digitally recorded into the computer. An example of what I personally saw  demonstrated shown in this FARO Youtube video:

Shortly after viewing this demonstration I  noticed another FARO marvel called the FARO EDGE SCANARM HD and walked over to this exhibit to carefully examine it. It impressed me  because it was so elegantly styled and I had never ever seen one like it. After some inquiring about its capabilities and uses I realized that this was a very extraordinary device for business or even scientific uses.

Apparently, this unit which employs a hand-held non-contact laser scanner and ball/probe shaped contact measurement system  provides a quick and very accurate way to inspect work.  Accuracy  is in the neighborhood of 560,000 points/sec or 280 frames/second and ±25µm (±.001in) which is simply awesome.  An example of this product in action is on this Youtube video:

The FARO Edge SCANARM HD product is also ideal for things like rapid prototyping, 3D modeling work, and even reverse engineering like shown for example in this very interesting Jay Leno’s Garage Youtube video :

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”EPITOME.