Ultimate Survival

A company's ultimate survival today depends on advanced software.
Ultimate survival depends on instantaneous restore capabilities provided by advanced software.

A company’s ultimate survival today depends a lot on having the right IT with latest software solutions. This ensures that should something go wrong then operations recovery is almost instantaneous preventing a costly shutdown that would create a real crimp to the bottom line.

While attending the recent 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show I visited many different companies’ booth/kiosk exhibits including the Baystream Corporation. It is a software company focused on technology and particularly, the important segment which is the client company’s compliance with the latest ISO 9001/27001 quality management standard.

Baystream provides manufacturers advanced software tools such as cloud storage, encryption, penetration testing, real-time monitoring, low-bandwidth flexible retention, virtual-machine compliance, instantaneous restore capabilities, and a multi-IT control dashboard system, needed to both survive and thrive in our advanced 21st century markets.

I took this picture of Baystream’s company display after I recognized very familiar face standing in front of booth #974. It was Ken Ingram, I hadn’t seen him for some time so I was interested to discuss about his new role with Baystream Corporation. I’ve known Ken (shown next to computer monitor) for many years both of us having worked in the aircraft industry for the same company. Apparently, after I left the company Ken became a black belt, lean six-sigma specialist whose expertise now helps Baystream.

Prior to encountering Ken and his companion, I attended SME’s special “Job Shop Appreciation Night” networking meeting where I enjoyed a delicious smoked meat sandwich and a brewski. While there, I mingled to talk with a some interesting people about their work and their companies. Afterwards, I decided to visit a few more booths/kiosks before leaving for home that day.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SURVIVAL”.