Jubilant Embrace

Their jubilant embrace happened at the new restaurant.
Their jubilant embrace happened on opening day at the new restaurant.

Their jubilant embrace happened about a year ago when the partnership opened their long-awaited restaurant-catering business.

Pictured is one of the two partners warmly embracing her mother(back to readers), very excited during the private opening day party at the new restaurant. She was so moved because both families and some very close friends were there in support.

I happened to snap this image with small digital Fujifilm camera, capturing that joyful moment shown here, when both embraced each other.

Their restaurant-catering business was a project talked about for some time and then it finally happened. Both partners, two young women, were ready for it and had training along with some experience in food preparation, marketing, and financing the only thing missing was a physical place for their enterprise.

Then they found their ideal location near a metro/subway station in Montreal’s Saint Henri district and their dream became reality.

This is my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge: “JUBILANT”.