Graffiti Covered Brick

Graffiti covered brick walls indicate urban and societal decline.
Graffiti covered brick walls found all over Montreal indicate societal decay.

Graffiti covered brick walls are found all over Montreal and are a sign of urban deterioration and society’s moral and spiritual decay.

This particular collection of “street art” is found a few blocks just east of the old Montreal Forum located at the junction of Atwater boulevard and Saint Catherine street, in a back alley.

This is also where I found my yellow “Tweety” bird doll hanging over a doorway.

I took this picture back in March while I was investigating some construction work on a condominium tower being built just down the alley looking east(right side of picture).

Although most of the ” street art” is illegal or criminal done without property owner’s permission and is just an irrational or insane spray paint “tagging” some actually merits real consideration as art.

Recently Montreal city hall to combat the visual threat posed by illegal street art and encourage quality mural form art that adds to beautifying the cityscape, is investing tax money into decorating its brick walls.

This year just as the last three previous years a two-week Mural Festival that invites locals as well as artists from across the globe to practice their talents in alleyways around Saint Lawrence boulevard (The Main) it is also the 20th anniversary of Under Pressure Festival, an urban art event.

The city also spends upwards 4 million dollars each year to clean up Tags, burners, throw-ups, murals, stencils, and wheat pastes, types of visual blight referred as “guerilla urban art” found all over the place Graffiti undermining the public’s sense of security.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BRICK”.