Pensive Roadrunner

 Pensive "Roadrunner" meticulously ponders his answer.
A pensive “Roadrunner” meticulously ponders his answer to a probing question.

A pensive “Roadrunner” meticulously pondered his answer to a very probing question given him by a longtime Canadiens fans at a business lunch during the very recent 2016 annual Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at the Place Bonaventure Business Convention Centre put on by the SME.

Hockey legend, Yvan Serge, “The Roadrunner”, Cournoyer, was our guest celebrity speaker at the lunch receiving a very warm welcome from a very appreciative audience, many longtime Montreal Canadiens fans. They still fondly remember hockey right-winger Yvan and his awesome speed on the ice coupled with his very impressive stick-handling and his deadly accurate slap shot.

Although small Cournoyer possessed a tough (upper body) chassis and very muscular, powerful legs that propelled him quickly down the ice giving him his nickname “the Roadrunner”.

They helped him tally up a very impressive NHL career that includes 10 Stanley Cups, many Top 10 Canadiens records, and setting up teammate Paul Henderson to score against “evil empire” Soviet Union goalie, Tretiak, allowing Canada to win the 1972 Summit Series. The “Roadrunner” also became  a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee in 1982.

Cournoyer retired from playing hockey after sustaining a nagging back injury the late 1970’s, he then engaged in some hockey coaching before trying his hand running a successful restaurant business. After a short time he sold that business to pursue other opportunities.

I took this picture while attending that special exciting SME business lunch with Mr. Cournoyer on Tuesday May 17, 2016 and it is my contribution for WP Single Word Prompt: “PENSIVE”.