Advanced Heat Vision

Advanced heat vision image shows human emitted infrared radiation .
Advanced heat vision image from 2016 SME Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show.

Advanced heat vision shown in my photograph, made during the recently concluded 2016 SME Montreal
Manufacturing Technology Show, is an example of   “smart technology” progress in this important field.

As my image clearly shows, infrared radiation emitted by humans passing by, picked up by a special
FLIR camera using integrated, micro-electronic, color high technology image sensors designed to differentiate wavelengths beyond what our normal human vision is capable to process.

The black LED screen shows the higher temperatures emitted by objects as white this followed by shades of yellows and reds indicating the intermediate range, blues indicating even less warm, and black indicating the coolest areas.

As you can see, my own image appears as a smorgasborg of the whole IR spectrum and includes shades of white, yellow, red, and purple in a background of blues tinged by some black. Meanwhile, my digital camera is pink, red, and purple while my eyeglasses  are colored red for the frame and pink for the plastic lens.

Since the infrared light spectrum was discovered in 1800 for use in temperature measurement, this technology has evolved today  to include its use for “Smart” security systems development. It gives the ability to quickly and intelligently evaluate a signal filtered through its computer data base providing advanced warning of an impending threat. Variants using this technology  include such diverse fields such as our environment, infrastructures, medical, or even the new robot driverless cars.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt: “VISION”.