Eternal Face

His face is eternal and followers billions and many in the world still don't know much.
His face is eternal and followers billions yet many in our world still don’t know much about
the sacrifice.

His face is eternal and followers billions yet many in our world still don’t know much about the sacrifice nor the mission on Earth because it happened over two thousand years ago.

This church icon, a replica of the original, that I found at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in downtown Montreal recently and captured it with my digital camera.

The original remains in Turin, Italy and is allegedly a miraculous imprint of a dead man who lived over two thousand years ago wrapped in clean linen cloth or shroud providing this image. That man was Jesus Christ, who according to the Bible was arrested, condemned, tortured, crucified and placed into a private, never ever used, tomb carved into rock.

According to the Jewish method of burial during that time the body was wrapped in a clean linen cloth after being prepared with various herbal/floral scents and lotions to suppress the inevitable smell of rotting human flesh.

This Turin Shroud as it is called, has already been tested with modern methods including Carbon 14 dating and this work has given rise to two factions of thinking.

One says that this is a clever middle-ages painting done by some expert artist painter, they base their assumptions on the alleged chemical analysis of tiny bits of the tested material. They say they have discovered paint pigments that match that era. Meanwhile, the other faction or group remain unsure believing that this shroud is the real thing, a miracle imprint of the Christ. They base their beliefs on the fact that to establish a proof beyond reproach would require complete destruction of the shroud because most of the shroud would be used to establish this using today’s destructive and chemical analysis methods.

Pictured here is only Christ’s head not the whole Turin Shroud. I want to point out also in my picture there is a reflection of two Saint Patrick’s church windows on the glass inside the frame holding the image.

This my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge: “FACE”.

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