The sacrifice these innocent young Chernobyl children endure represents humanity's future destroyed.
The sacrifice these innocent young children are enduring because of Chernobyl eclipses that celebrated on May Day.

The sacrifice these innocent young children, pictured here, are enduring because of Chernobyl eclipses that celebrated on May Day going on today in Moscow. These young children were born deformed by radiation and represent humanity’s future being destroyed by radioactivity from Chernobyl.

Yes folks these children are but a sampling what that continuing radiation from hot spots in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia has in store for us all as it silently and systematically continues its chromosome damage to human DNA.

Some nuclear experts predict that a lot of the radio isotopes released during the 1986 disaster will linger on for 24,000 years creating mayhem to generations not even born yet. That plume of smoke and burning radioactive graphite particles drifted all over the globe concentrating mostly in Europe with Belarus absorbing the brunt of it followed by Ukraine then Russia.

The huge forest fire presently burning in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada is a shocking reminder that the same can happen in the heavily contaminated areas leading to even more radioactive contamination globally because of air currents in the atmosphere.

During the last century the men responsible for maintaining the USSR “workers’ paradise”, from their central control offices in the Kremlin, failed to comprehend the dire consequences of their planning when they picked Chernobyl where to build a nuclear power station. They either were too full of themselves or simply stupid to allow its construction right near a heavily populated areas then again, they already had several nuclear “accidents” prior to Chernobyl from which to learn from yet did not.

Today, Vladimir Putin, the new Russian leader, successor to the Lenin’s soviet commissars ruling from Moscow, is showing the world his military might on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat. Putin wants everybody to notice and remember the huge sacrifice the USSR endured helping defeat Hitler’s armies. This is commendable however, putting on a military arms show with veterans of the ongoing Syrian war, and Russia’s east, just hi-lights Russia is an aggressor nation, the same as when it participated helping Nazi Germany attack Poland starting WW2.

This same mentality was prevalent in the USSR and spawned the incompetence that created the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the world’s worst. What is even more scary is, coupled with advances in both nuclear and artificial intelligence, that Russia has access to, we can only dread what can happen next.

If we still have not soiled our pants, Vladimir already gave us a hint in 2014, about using his nuclear arsenal during the Crimea annexation. His undeclared war in eastern Ukraine further paints Russia no better than Nazi Germany.

This is my contribution for the WP single word prompt: “SACRIFICE”

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  1. Thank you for the very frank and honest post about our nuclear world and the consequences that go along with it. For the last 80 years planners of progressive ideas in this world haven’t thought more than a few feet in front of their faces. It is so sad, EARTH has been degraded to what it is today. I’m afraid our nuclear nightmare is just beginning with all of the old, outdated and antique equipment that is still being used. Equipment failures similar to the one that happened in Japan recently will probably be daily news for the next generation. Thank you for your blog and your post on sacrifice.

    1. You are very welcome Leland Olsen, and thank you for visiting my blog to comment. You are absolutely right about that the nuclear nightmare,
      that our civilization is in real peril however, let’s hope that humanity smartens up soon!

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