Our Earth is unique, one of a kind never to be replicated.
Our Earth is unique probably one of a kind never to be replicated contrary to claims by some well-known scientists.

Our Earth is unique probably one of a kind never to be replicated despite claims to the contrary by some well-known science people.

Daily our mass media tells us that soon one of our highly advanced space probes now speeding through the space in our galaxy may find another planet like our’s, or perhaps our latest space-based telescopes will focus on that planet and a sharp-eyed scientist will discover it after a review of images.

My personal belief is everything is possible however, it is highly unlikely that we will find that planet nor the superior beings living on it. If they are out there then perhaps we are below their standards to be contacted by them.

My picture is a lowly mushroom emerging from the forest floor surrounded by dead tree leaves and nice green vine and weed leaves.

This is my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge: “EARTH”

3 thoughts on “Earth

  1. i think mankind will be pert amazed when they find out the truth sumday bout
    all the races, here there an evrywhere an different types of life forms across da galazies
    … we shall see , time will tell yes indeed 🙂 .as mother earth grows grows an grows like she always has!
    PS: mushroom spore is the largest living organism on the planet i believe,,or second largest it grows for miles upon miles, across the continents, an is the oldest living plantlife on the surface of the planet in the millions of years old 🙂 peace-out frum da Q

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog Mike. I believe that our Earth is unique, one of a kind however, I accept that everything is possible and am looking forward in learning about intelligent life from other worlds. I believe however, if aliens exist then humans don’t make their grade because they would have already contacted us by now. Mushrooms on the other hand can probably be found elsewhere, they are just basic life with no technology!

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