Bob Hope or Leslie Townes Hope was a fascinating American born in London, England in 1903 and came to the USA with his family  when only four years old and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.

During his long 100 year life, he was a comedian, vaudeville performer, actor, singer, dancer, athlete, and author. With a career spanning nearly 80 years. He appeared in over 70 films including the famous “Road” movies with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.

Hope was the fifth of seven sons of William Henry Hope, a stonemason, and Avis Townes, an opera singer. The family emigrated to the USA in 1908 where at age 12 Bob began his future entertainment career as a busker to make some pocket-money.

His family was a typical working class one therefore, Bob tried a varied lot of jobs after some training the Boys’ Industrial School in Lancaster, Ohio however, Silent film comedian Fatty Arbuckle was instrumental in helping decide his fate after witnessing Bob and dance partners perform. He found them some work with a touring troupe called Hurley’s Jolly Follies.

After vaudeville and Broadway Bob got into radio, then was an early adopter of new medium,  the TV, and also Hollywood films by which time he was already famous. He furthered his reputation as entertainer during WW2 and then a series of wars that followed providing entertainment for American GIs he continued doing this until the Iraq Gulf War.

Bob always had utmost respect for the people in uniform and he worked extremely hard with his entertainment troupe to provide his famous shows overseas for Americans in war zones. My B/W video clip is from 1956 filmed in Alaska showing Bob performing his magic for the troops stationed there at height of the “cold war”.

My summation of Bob Hope is very brief and lots more is found on the Internet about Bob a  decorated entertainer who was a personal friend and golfing partner of at least six US presidents because of his tireless work entertaining Americans.

This my contribution for the daily WP One Word Prompt: “HOPE”