Three Ring Circus USA

The political three-ring circus in USA is exciting entertainment still it's all smoke and mirrors.
The political three-ring circus in USA is exciting entertainment for Americans yet it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The three ring circus happening today in USA provides much excitement and entertainment for the common folk especially the ones who still believe they live in the “land of the free” a myth the ruling class guardedly perpetuates.

Last night republican candidate Donald Trump effectively captured his party’s nomination to run for US president by defeating his main rival Ted Cruz meanwhile, on the Democrat side the battle continues unabated although candidate Hillary Clinton most certainly will be the winner because of her “Super Pack Delegates”.

Rival candidate Bernie Sanders can only hope that some of those Super Pack Delegates decide to back him otherwise, it’s all over.

Despite all the promises, wild claims, smears, and “honest talk” from these political rivals claiming they are the ones to better the lives of Americans if they get the White House, in the end it’s all smoke and mirrors. The awful truth is that America is not free and these federal elections won’t do much to change anything for the average citizen.

Instead it is much like the old Stalinist Soviet Union, just like “uncle Joe” Stalin once said regarding “democratic elections”: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything!”

Meanwhile, folks just enjoy the circus happening on TV and mass media where all sorts of ‘expert’ political pundits and ‘taking heads’ feed your head with all types of amazing claims and ‘proven’ information about who said what nasty things about whom, who will win, by how much, and when. Enjoy the show folks provided you like fantasy and fairy tales however, don’t expect much when it’s all over and done with.