Endemic Kremlin Silence Syndrome

The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome, designed enforced secrecy, rules Russia.
The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome, designed enforced secrecy, is how Russia has been ruled forever.

The endemic Kremlin silence syndrome combined with flawed ideology, incompetent ruthless management, and a total lack of real transparency is Russia’s government. This is by design because enforced secrecy is how this vast country has been ruled since the 1917 communist revolution then again, come to think of it, forever.

The Chernobyl disaster was the undeniable result of this mentality because it ensured bad design, bad management and lousy communication practices in their nuclear industry.

Many a visitor to Ukraine has heard the same story about when the Chernobyl plant exploded. According to one middle-aged Kiev woman, for four days after it happened, the Kremlin pressured its Communist leadership minions to order that the traditional outdoor May Day celebrations happen.

Meanwhile, it was calling up thousands of young men and some women in the soviet military as “liquidators” to help control the nuclear disaster that was unfolding at Chernobyl. These were given scant information what awaited them and much less any proper safety equipment to protect them against the intense radiation escaping out of the ruins of reactor No. 4. They all paid the consequences afterwards, a small number died within a few days while many continue to die of cancer and other radiation induced illnesses years later.

The official story the Kremlin maintained was that nothing happened and everything was normal, they cared less how many perished as long as the system and the party remained in power. This same thinking persists today despite the CCCP(USSR) being officially declared dead in 1991. What has changed is that today the whole thing is ruled by small group of “beesinessmen” oligarchs connected and loyal to a new, (allegedly) non-communist “fearless leader”.

Chernobyl happened because of soviet arrogance,incompetence, and aggression similar to what we are seeing today. Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea comes from the same Soviet style of thinking and culture according to one source very well acquainted with Stalinist USSR.

Thirty years ago, on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl’s Vladimir Illich Lenin Nuclear Power Station reactor No.4 exploded sending a radioactive plume of smoke-filled with deadly radio isotopes into the atmosphere. This dark,  radioactive cloud triggered special sensors in nearby Sweden warning the world of the worst atomic disaster.

Most recent Ukrainian government statistics show that over 2,397,863 people are registered with the country’s health ministry to receive ongoing Chernobyl-related health care. Of these, 453,391 are children – none born at the time of the accident.

The fallout from Chernobyl was not limited to Ukraine and next door Belarus took the brunt of it statistics however, are hard to find probably due to the Belarus Lukashenko dictatorship strict repression of information.

As for Russia, it received the minimal amount of the deadly fallout resulting in few real casualties and therefore, not much statistics real or not.