2016 Montreal Dawn Raid

 A 2016 Montreal "dawn raid" is transmogrifying it with massive Chinese capital.
A 2016 Montreal “dawn raid” now on is transmogrifying it with huge amounts of Chinese capital.

A 2016 “dawn raid” on Montreal now on, is quickly transmogrifying it with a massive Chinese capital input.

Chinese investors are seeking safe haven to shift their money abroad to counter instability in China’s
economy and stock market, even as their government clamps down on this capital flight, making Montreal very attractive.

Certain international financial experts expect Chinese investment in Canadian real estate particularly in Montreal to increase substantially in 2016, it is their prime target now that Vancouver and Toronto
have become too expensive.

Canada’s west coast jewel, Vancouver, had average home prices jump 40% in five years making real estate there the most expensive in the country. The Chinese bought three-quarters of properties for sale in upscale West Vancouver where a detached home now fetches $3.1 million dollars.

According to realtors most Chinese demand remains in the luxury market therefore Montreal is now a real bargain for these monied Chinese.

My photo depicts a high-rise hybrid tower that will be forty-six stories in addition to another five
in the basement probably housing the future occupant’s luxury vehicle parking area sharing with usual
tower machinery and electrical services.

As the dark blue box on right (with white writing) indicates, expected occupancy in this tower is to be next year, in 2017.