Committee Approved Future

A committee approved future a certainty the PANAMA DATA LEAK confirmed it.
A committee approved future is a certainty the PANAMA DATA LEAK confirmed the cards are stacked against you.

A committee approved future is certain because our present has already been approved by the same entity, affecting close to seven billion people inhabiting Earth.

In case you haven’t noticed, and you may have not, because of where you live and your circumstance,
things are definitely out of your control because the cards are stacked against you.

You are just a number on their massive database obediently doing what is asked otherwise, you will pay for your actions because what matters to them is your consumption of precious resources.

Each day our “civilized” world, mostly those living in the big cities, are fed their daily dose of “newsspeak”a term the late great George Orwell used in his “1984” novel. This “information” is supposed to provide you enough material to make an “informed decision” about whatever topic is “au current”. All designed to mollify the subservient masses to think they actually have power to change things that affect their lives.

Every so often they conduct “fair” elections claiming these are “democratic” however, it matters not if the citizen lives in the so-called “free” world, the “communist”, or even in some “socialist” dictatorship, the result is predictable.

It is a certainty for the ruling class to know how it will turn out and who will be the “real” victor because they already picked him for you. Dictator Joseph Stalin admitted this during his bloody reign when he said “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything!”

To maintain obedience their mass media provides “expert” advice through “talking heads” discussions and “media pundits” interviews on TV, radio, movies, or the Internet droning on about “important” issues that seem to appear out of thin air.

These important issues are actually things that the committee wants to change to their own nefarious plan because something like a country’s constitution has impeded and therefore must be trashed. They tell Joe citizen of some “unfair”, “racist”, “sexist”, or perhaps “homophobic” situation exists must be corrected and what needs to be done because after all it is 2016!

You may be reading this and may think that you’ve heard this before and perhaps label this article as
lame and call it BS. Hey, that’s all right, because we all are entitled to our opinion, and this is simply my opinion and what I observed, read about, and witnessed.

The PANAMA DATA LEAK last week gave us all a small glimpse at the extent of the power the ruling class has through the enormous amount of wealth it has. By-the-way, there was absolutely no real distinction whether the perps were our “good” political leaders or those other bad “commies” and “socialist” ones because they were all on the same list..interesting “club” eh?!!

This is my contribution to this week’s WP photo challenge theme “FUTURE”.