Viva Vida Velo

Viva Vida Velo perched on display case.
The Viva Vida Velo perched on display case surrounded by fine art.

The Viva Vida Velo perched on top of display case surrounded by other fine art waiting for somebodyto notice it and I did.

It was about two years ago when I visited the Viva Vida Art Gallery located in the Pte. Claire village on Montreal’s West Island for the first time for a small cocktail party to fete its reopening after some renovations. This was a private party, by invitation only, by its owner, Nedia, whom my wife Pat has known for a while and is a good friend of hers.

Although this place seemed small from the outside and it definitely was small compared to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts downtown, it certainly packed a lot of wonderful paintings on its walls and very interesting exhibits of all sorts very carefully organized neatly everywhere else.

Entering from the street, in the very front, we found a small store selling hand crafted items like fine jewelry, cards and stationery, small metal sculptures, and other knickknacks etc.

I found the gallery located up a small staircase meanwhile, the main floor has all sorts of paintings including oils, acrylics, and water-color. On the floor we had exhibits like metal or synthetic material sculptures, and ceramics including some Chinese miniature dragons inside a furniture and glass case.

After some socializing with other guests and the owner of the gallery I viewed the exhibits and fine art displayed on the walls and it was then that I spotted this miniature racing bicycle taking my picture of it.