Montreal en Lumiere 2016

Montreal en Lumiere 2016, on until March 7, was happening Thursday morning with the temperature
hovering around -18 C and with the windchill making it a bone-chilling -28 C.

To say the least, it was really bone-chilling to be outside however, it was a gorgeous, sunny, day and after all this was a typical Montreal winter day perfect for this festival.

Having experienced last year’s festival, I was familiar with the basic layout so I quickly investigated the
scene to see what was new.

The first place I visited was the ice sculpture exhibits near the west entrance to the site, I discovered
that this year there was a bunch of them only smaller than last year’s.

I next visited the slides and was happy to see that there were already a gathering of “brave” people bringing their site-supplied plastic sleds to the top of the special platform and there were some ready at the starting gate eager to go.

I positioned to take a few pictures of the sledders when suddenly I heard a strange sort of metallic zinging noise overhead. I looked up and immediately spotted what it was.

Overhead, a young woman attached to a special harness quickly zoomed along a taunt steel wire from west to east towards a raised platform which you can see on my video.

This particular activity happened every few minutes seemingly almost in synch with the sledders
coming down the curved slippery course of the slides, it was obviously a very exciting time had by those engaging in both these activities.

I continued photograph and do video of the excitement meanwhile, coping with the bitter cold affecting both me and my digital camera. Every little while I retreated to the refuge of the massive Place Desjardins Complex indoor mall to warm up myself and my camera.

I finally decided to leave the site after about a couple of hours to travel home. My journey west along Saint Catherine street allowed more shots of things that caught my attention. This all ended when I reached Atwater boulevard where I entered our subway system.