Matchless State Of Mind

A Matchless state of mind captured in three admirers' facial expressions of the old British classic motorcycle.

A Matchless state of mind is evident in facial expressions of three fellows admiring that old British classic motorcycle.

A Matchless state of mind is evident in the expressions on the faces of these three fellows admiring that classic old British motorcycle you can see it all as they stand near, smile, rub their chin, and talk about it.

I believe that I managed to capture that moment well in my picture and this was exactly what I was hoping to do when I quickly took my picture that warm sunny afternoon in summer.

The excitement generated at that antique British car fair was evident in the faces of the all the people who came to see all those various old cars and motorcycles exhibited in that farmer’s field.

My personal emotional state then was great excitement to have this opportunity to take that great shot of these guys. I was also very excited to see all those wonderful exhibits and masses of interesting people milling around viewing all that stuff.

This is my contribution for this week’s WP weekly photo challenge “STATE OF MIND”.

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